Welcome to Obsidian Reviews!

My name is Matt, and I’ve set up this blog to indulge my passions for music, literature, film and writing about these things. If you know me (and if you’re reading this right now, you probably do), you’ll know that my taste in music mainly consists of metal, especially its heavier and more atmospheric aspects, as well as other alternative genres such as EBM. Black metal in particular has been my first love for a number of years now, and most of the releases that I review will most likely fall within this genre, simply because it is the genre I know the most about.

Other types of music that I enjoy include EBM, industrial, futurepop and other alternative electronic subgenres, as well as trance, psytrance, ambient, post rock, post punk, and many more, so expect reviews of releases within these genres as well.

Although this blog will mainly be focused on music reviews, I also plan to include the odd review of literature and film, with my favourite genres being sci-fi, fantasy and horror. I certainly plan to include my opinions on the latest Star Wars movies!

A bit about me: I was born and grew up in Liverpool, and have always been ‘nerdy’ from an early age, which has continued into my adult life. I was big into video games as a kid, playing a huge number on the Playstations 1 and 2 as well as handheld consoles and online RPGs, and read a huge amount.Although I’m still very nerdy, my love of video games has for the most side been pushed out by my love of music – both listening to it and playing it. I spent three years studying History at Lancaster University, followed by a 9 month internship copywriting for the same University. As I want to break into this industry, part of the reason for setting up this blog was to add to my writing portfolio – by writing about something that I enjoy.

If you have a release that you would like me to cover, feel free to email me at mattHthenazgul@gmail.com.

I also perform vocals in the black metal band Glaramara – if heavy, evil music is your thing, check us out at https://glaramara.bandcamp.com/

Thanks for reading, and enjoy!


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